The NIA; Birmingham 17th December 2010

Taper : tailschao

Sound Quality : Excellent IEM / AUD Matirx

IEM Lineage.....: Icom IC-R5 (w/ Watson 889 Antenna) > Zoom H2 (24Bit/48Khz) > Adobe Audition 3
AUD Lineage.....: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioids > CA-9100 Preamp > Zoom H2 (24Bit/48Khz) > Adobe Audition 3

Length : 94.53

01. Intro
02. Mary
03. Crawl
04. Molly's Chambers
05. Taper Jean Girl
06. Fans
07. Mi Amigo
08. The Immortals
09. Notion
10. No Money
11. Four Kicks
12. Radioactive
13. Pyro
14. On Call
15. Birthday
16. Back Down South

01. Intro
02. Manhattan
03. Knocked Up
04. Use Somebody
05. Encore Break
06. Closer
07. Sex on Fire
08. Black Thumbnail

Taped from dead in line with the left side main PA speaker stack, halfway between stage & SBD.

Pretty awesome IEM feed. I think it's Nathan's feed, but it's very nice. No metronomes, very balanced mix. Drums, Rythm Guitar, Bass guitar all nice. Matthew Guitar is a little quiet, but hey. Lead vocals are there, they're just a bit quieter than the other aspects of it. Someone's backing (I think Nathan's, hence I think it's his feed) vocals are pretty loud at times, and when that happens they basically drown out lead vocals. Reception is, for the most part, great. Some bursts of interference for a fraction of a second here and there, but no real problem. A few short tech/backstage comments and a couple of count-ins not heard through the main PA, but then, it is an IEM, not a SBD, so all that comes with the territory. Mostly clean though. There are some places I've faded out the IEM for 10-20 secs when the interference gets really bad. Only two times during actual musc though. The raw IEM has almost no Bass guitar at all, but it's a clean direct source, so I boosted the living fuck out of the low end in EQ and all of a sudden all this clean defined bass guitar appeared. Yay.

AUD tape is OK. I had to get into position for the IEM antenna, which isn't the best place for an AUD tape. Just a stack tape of the left stack. Unfortunately there was a whooper to my left, but with the IEM mixed in he's not too annoying.

Unfortunately the Lead vocals were mixed kinda low in both the IEM and the PA mix. So they could be better, in a ideal world.

IEM is mono, and AUD is a stack tape so not a lot of stereo imaging going on anywhere. But still. Overall a pretty great sounding mix/tape.