The LA2; London 17th December 1993

Sound Quality : A-

Length : 69.37

01. Intro
02. Starsail
03. Slide Away
04. Virtual World
05. Blue
06. A Man Called Sun
07. She's A Superstar
08. Already There
09. The Sun, The Sea
10. Six O'Clock
11. Feel
12. Gravity Grave


Another one straight from the taper. Don't believe this has ever circulated before.

Good quality audience recording. I'd rate this an A-. Although they are perhaps well-known for their ingestion of illegal substances, just before "Blue" Richard asks an audience member if s/he had finished all of the vodka.

Very nice performance - extremely rare performance of "Feel." Not sure how often they played that one live, if ever again.

Richard's voice is in good form. The show starts with a vocal on Richard's voice during "Starsail" that is very trippy indeed. Almost difficult to, but certainly makes this performace unique. He hits the falsetto parts dead on on "Slide Away", and as always, begins screaming incomprehensibly just out of microphone range during the instrumental breaks of "Gravity Grave." Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And the dynamic range in "Virtual World" shows just what they are capable of - bringing the song way, way down and then slowly building up to the very pretty guitar solo. I suppose the best example of that was "South Pacific" from Voyager 1 - that song just blew my head clean off. I cannot understand the guitar lines from that track - they are just massive. I wish there were more shows out there with that track on it.

Interesting to listen to all the Verve shows from this period. In early '93 there are very few people in the audience, but by the end of the year interest has truly grown in the band and the songs are being recognized. This is one of the bands where I don't mind listening to tapes where a member of the audience freaks out in microphone range as he realizes the quality of what he is listening to. These '93 shows were just astounding. What a great, great band.