The Pop Bar; Haldern 18th June 2013

Taper : bobfather

Rig : Zoom H4 w/ int. mics > SD Card > Audio Logic >xact > flac > you

Length : 98.10

01. Holy
02. The Modern Leper
03. Old Old Fashioned
04. Late March, Death March
05. December's Traditions
06. Nothing Like You
07. Backyard Skulls
08. Fast Blood
09. The Oil Slick
10. My Backwards Walk
11. State Hospital

Scott [Solo Acoustic Set]
12. Poke
13. The Wrestle
14. Snake

Encore [Full Band]
15. Scottish Winds
16. Good Arms vs. Bad Arms
17. Swim Until You Can't See Land
18. Living in Colour
19. The Woodpile
20. The Loneliness and the Scream

Recorded about 2 meters from the right stack. Heights: 2,5 m. Would call the recording very good. Used a tiny little bit of EQ to make Scott`s voice bit clearer. All in all a fantastic show. The band was in a great mood. They are very taper friendly. If you have the chance to talk to them before the show, they`d definately give you the permission. Didn`t ask for a soundboard patch `cause the bar was so small (maybe 100 people capacity)that not all instruments ran thru the board. So I decided to do an audience recording. They did some requests, didn`t make a real encore break `cause curfew was at 10.00 pm and they wanted to play as much as they can.