La Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles 18th November 1997

Sound Quality : Audience

Lineage : Cassette transfer via Technics RSBX404 through a MOTU 828MKII into Logic pro at 24bit/44.1kHz. Pitch Correction in Audacity as the original recording was one semi-tone sharp. Dithering to 16-bit by slate digital FG-X. Freac conversion to FLAC and md5 files created by MD5.

Length : 87.21

01. A New Decade
02. Catching The Butterfly
03. This Is Music
04. Weeping Willow
05. Sonnet
06. The Drugs DonÕt Work
07. The Rolling People
08. LifeÕs An Ocean
09. Bittersweet Symphony
10. Stormy Clouds
11. Space And Time (Acoustic)
12. Lucky Man
13. History
14. Come On