The Libertines
Kentish Town Forum
London, England

Source: Digital Broadcast
Lineage: Digital Radio (BBC Radio1 in MP2 @ 192kbps) > DVB > Stand-Alone CDR Burner > CD > Wav > Flac Level 8

XX. Horrorshow
01. Up The Bracket
02. Vertigo
XX. Arbeit Macht Frei
03. Last Post On The Bugle
04. Death On The Stairs
05. Plan A
06. Mayday
07. Begging
08. Time For Heroes
09. Don't Look Back Into The Sun
XX. The Delaney
XX. Tell The King
XX. Sally Brown (with Rabbi John)
10. The Good Old Days
11. Boys In The Band
12. The Boy Looked At Johnny
XX. 7 Deadly Sins
XX. Skag And Bone Man
XX. What A Waster

Incomplete set,complete broadcast.
XXs show the songs not included in the broadcast.