The Olympia Theatre; Dublin 19th April 2012

Taper : Kagee1

Rig : CA11s(cards) -> CA9200 -> Edirol R09HR -> Adobe Audtion -> cdwave -> FL AC

Length : 110.30

01. Sweet Carolina
02. Ashes and Fire
03. If I am a Stranger
04. Dirty Rain
05. My Winding Wheel
06. Rescue Blues
07. Talkers in the front row - Please do not let me go false start
08. Please Do Not Let Me Go
09. Banter & Tuning
10. Do I wait
11. Send in the next audience
12. Firecracker
13. Everybody knows
14. Sweet Lil Gal
15. More Banter & Tuning - this place really is haunted
16. Let it Ride
17. Reba McEntire and the CMAs
18. English Girls Approximately
19. My career is fucked - cowboy hats over Tennessee
20. Chains of Love
21. More Banter & Tuning - intro to 16 Days
22. 16 Days
23. Mr Cat
24. New York New York
25. Drink more orange juice - Metallgher
26. Lucky Now
27. Goodnight
28. Come pick Me Up
30. Holy Diver

Damn fine gig from Ryan - second time seeing him in the Olympia in the past few months.

Thankfully my seat was in a better position this time as I paid for the ticket - last time Johnky won tickets and we were in the gods - not that I want to sound ungrateful but I absolutely fucking hate sitting in the Gods in the Olympia.

Really enjoyed this show and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Ryan was in good talkative form and I tried my best to split the lenghtier bouts of chatting into seperate tracks.