Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Coachella Stage; Indio 19th April 2013

Taper : fried_morals

Rig : SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SP-SPSB-11 (95Hz Roll Off) > SONY PCM-M10

Length : 69.13

01. Intro
02. I Wanna Be Adored
03. (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister
04. Fools Gold
05. Waterfall / Don't Stop
06. Made of Stone
07. This Is the One
08. Love Spreads
09. She Bangs the Drums
10. I Am the Resurrection

Sample :
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold - Coachella 19th April 2013 [fried_morals]

When I compare this performance and recording to weekend 1, everything about it is better. First off, the recording came out a lot better (no moving through the crowd, no sitting down, no friend leaving for the car, no people coming up to me talking into my mics) and I'm pretty happy with it (for a recording made at the main stage that is). But more importantly I think the band just performed better this weekend. They seemed more energetic, and played a tighter better sounding set because of it. Plus the crowd was better (and bigger) as well. All of which added up to a memorable performance which I won't soon forget. And in the words of Ian, "STAY ON THE JUNK!".