Latitude Festival
Henham Park, Suffolk 19th July 2009

Taper : Tommybagnall

Rig : Corsounds High End Binaurals DP4061's [Paired] > Edirol E-09 @16 bit 44.1hz > WAV > FLAC > YOU

Postion : Directly in front right stack, around 10 feet from the barrier

01. Bullets [inc.]
02. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
03. Bones
04. Munich
05. The Big Exit
06. An End Has a Start
07. Smokers Outside the Hospial Doors
08. You Are Fading
09. Fingers in the Factories
10. Papillon

This is one of my favourite Editors performances to date so I thought I'd post it up here even though the first two songs are missing.
The Band opened with 'Bricks and Motar' and 'The Racing Rats'.
I missed both these two songs as Editors started 10 minutes before Saint Etienne finished on the another stage.