The Wiltern Theatre; Los Angeles 19th September 2019

Taper : mixter_

Rig : At853a's (4.7k dt mod) Cards -> Mic-In -> Sony PCM-M10 (24/48)

Length : 01.29.20

01. I Got Mine
02. Eagle Birds
03. Tell Me Lies
04. Gold On The Ceiling
05. Fever
06. Next Girl
07. Fire Walk With Me
08. Walk Across The Water
09. Everlasting Light
10. Howlin' For You
11. 10 A.M. Automatic
12. Your Touch
13. "Band Introduction"
14. Strange Times
15. Tighten Up
16. Thickfreakness
17. Ten Cent Pistol
18. Little Black Submarines
19. Lonely Boy
20. "Encore Break"
21. Lo/Hi
22. Go
23. She's Long Gone

The Black Keys are...

Dan Auerbach - Lead Vocals, Guitars.
Patrick Crowley - Drums.


Steve Marion - Additional Guitar.
Zach Gabbard - Bass, Backing Vocals.
Andy Gabbard - Additional Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Performance Notes:

The Black Keys make their long awaited return to live performances with their first full live concert in over 4 years! The band played to a capacity crowd of 2400 rapt fans minus a couple hundred or so that were left at the door with third party resale tickets that were invalidated. Nice one Live Nation! The band poured through 21 songs over an hour and a half. There were a few extended pauses between songs as the band undoubtedly was getting acquaineted with the material and new touring musicians. All in all these guys sounded great. They brought their "unique" blend of rock and blues to an appreciative LA crowd (at least to those that got in). The rotating barcodes employed by Live Nation left all resale and transfer tickets ostensibly worthless. I think that the Wiltern staff let the 200 or so stuck fans outside into the theatre as the show was starting. Sadly, those people were left to watch the show from the bar area. For those who were about to rock who did not manage to get inside, I hope this recording finds it way to you.

Recording Notes:

A fairly solid pull from near the second tier rail. I had mostly quiet people around me for the entire evening. In fact most of what little chatter that there is is from the event staff. In a couple of instances you can here the security guard tell people to stay behing the white tape and another when the cocktail waitress is trying to determine whether the bar has a certain IPA on tap. Fucking hipsters! Just order a damn MGD or Bud Light next time! Vocals and instrumentation are well defined. There is a little boom in the room to the sound which is pretty standard for The Wiltern. There are only a couple of "sweet spots" in the venue. This is one of them.