The o2 Academy - Birmingham 19th December 2009 [MASTER]

Taper : Johnky []

Rig : At831b > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 8.0 > CDR MASTER

Website :

Length : 75.16

01. Intro
02. Side Of The Road
03. French Dog Blues
04. Beg Steal Or Borrow
05. Carry On Up The Morning
06. Delivery
07. Stranger In My Own Skin
08. Pipedown
09. The Man Who Came To Stay
10. Sedative
11. I Wish
12. Time For Heroes
13. UnBiloTitled
14. Baddies Boogie
15. Natives At The Gates Of Rome
16. Fireman
17. There She Goes (A Little Heartache)
18. Albion
19. Fuck Forever

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Great show. Far and away my favourite band now that Oasis are no longer.

Pete Doherty has an Irish Tour coming up with 3 shows around the country starting the 20th January. I am hoping to tape all three. Definitely two of them, Dublin & Belfast the 3rd is an "invite only" but I am trying to pull some strings !!

Thanks to PONTIACB, TOMMYBAGNALL, ROLYPOLYOLY and everyone else who has taped the 'Shambles or any peter shows in the past !!