The Electric Ballroom; London 19th December 1983

Sound Quality : A-

Length : 44.51

01. Hand In Glove
02. Still Ill
03. Barbarism Begins At Home
04. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
05. Pretty Girls Make Graves
06. You've Got Everything Now
07. This Charming Man
08. Back To The Old House
09. Reel Around The Fountain
10. Handsome Devil
11. Accept Yourself

People keep telling me that this is a soundboard recording, I keep telling them they should wash their ears out. It is clearly an audience recording, and a very good one. My favorite Smiths audience recording. Morrissey still has plenty balls on this one (he actually says on stage "it's for our bootleg friends" at the beginning Barbarism...!) and the audience loving them!