"Ballroom Rehearsals"
Hammerstein Ballroom; New York 19th December 1997

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 64.05

01. Intro
02. Paranoid Android
03. Subterranean Homesick Alien
04. The Bends
05. No Surprises
06. Exit Music (For A Film)
07. Climbing Up The Walls
08. Random Jamming
09. Dogwander
10. Let Down
11. Airbag

Notes :
Although Radiohead played a worldwide break with the album “OK Computer”, a rehearsal-sound check of a performance at the New York Hummerstein Ballroom,
which is a well-known live performance in 1997, is now available! A carefully recorded rehearsal of this performance shot for TV broadcasting at that time recorded
from a soundboard sound source, such as a live performance and a rough sound check, a very precious recording sound source before the familiar live production.
It is a notable title that can be said! !