The Point Depot; Dublin 20th May 1998

Sound Quaity : Audience

Lineage : Cassette transfer via Technics RSBX404 through a MOTU 828MKII into Logic pro at 24bit/44.1kHz. Dithering to 16-bit by slate digital FG-X. Freac conversion to FLAC and md5 files created by MD5.

Length : 94.46

01. This Is Music
02. Space And Time
03. Catching The Butterfly
04. Sonnet
05. The Rolling People
06. Neon Wilderness
07. Weeping Willow
08. The Drugs Don't Work
09. Lucky Man
10. Life's An Ocean (very end cut)
11. OneDday
12. Velvet Morning
13. Bittersweet Symphony (tape flip at the very end)
14. On Your Own (acoustic)
15. History (cuts in)
16. Come On

Notes :
Taper must have moved about quite a few times during the concert as the sound changes in places.
This show, along with the show the previous night in the same venue, were obviously being used by the band as warm ups for the homecoming Haigh Hall gig which took place a few days later.