King's Hall; Belfast 20th July 2013
**Pre-Show Set**

"Anthony1" archives via "damien"

Recording: AT863 mics > Ca Preamp > Edirol R-09HR > CD Wave Editor > 24/44 File Transfer > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing) > 16/44 > xACT > FLAC

01 Surprise Surprise
02 Maria's Bed
03 Growin' Up
04 In Dreams
05 This Hard Land

This previously uncirculated recording comes to us from the "Anthony1" archives via JL member "Damien" and is the first in a series of uncirculated recordings to be shared.

Up until now we only had shaky you tube video and audio for one of the best early birds pre-show mini sets of the WB tour.
Highlights include a rare playing of "Maria's Bed" (not played since the Seeger Sessions tour) and an impromptu playing of "In Dreams" to a request for "California Blue".
We also get a touching "Surprise Surprise", the you can never have enough versions of it, "Growin' Up" and a wonderful rendition of "This Hard Land".

Unfortunately, due to a catastrophic equipment failure the full show remains un-circulated, but what we are left with is an exceptional recording of an exceptional mini-set.

Big thanks to Anthony1 and Damien for supplying such a beautiful recording for all of us to enjoy.