The Flower Show; Manchester 20th July 1985

Source : AUD
Region : PAL
Length : 45
Size : 1.08GB
Resolution : 704 x 576

01. Heart On The Staves
02. Fall
03. So Young
04. I Wanna Be Adored
05. Here It Comes
06. Tradjic Roundabout
07. Open My Eyes (Nazz Cover)
08. Getting Plenty
09. Tell Me

Reuploading for those who've missed this over the years. A great piece of Roses history - a really interesting look at the origins of the band before the lineup settled and things took off.

Featuring Ian Brown, John Squire and Reni, and also Andy Couzens and Pete Garner, the early second guitarist and bassist respectively. The footage was shot at the front, so you can clearly see Reni's maniacal drumming for what it is.

Sample screenshots here:

Thank you to the original uploader, the original transferrer, and the original taper, wherever you may be.

There's some interlacing on the footage, but still very watchable.