Konserthuset; Stockholm 20th September 1968 [Late Show]

Sound Quality : Soundboard Recording Master Clone - Sample Below

Length : 72.36

01. Five To One
02. Mack The Knife
03. Alabama Song
04. Back Door Man
05. You're Lost Little Girl
06. Love Me Two Times
07. When The Music's Over
08. Wild Child
09. Money
10. Wake Up
11. Light My Fire
12. Turn Out The Lights
13. The End

Audio Sample :
The Doors - Alabama Song - Stockholm 20th September 1968 [Late Show] [SBD]

Notes :
This is a purported "master clone" source for the Stockholm Late Show soundboard recording. Quality is miles above any previous bootleg source. Unlike those versions, this is definitely pre-FM. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean there aren't a few snags. While I believe this likely came from a master clone source, it's been toyed with by someone who didn't know what they were doing. This show is drenched in noise reduction -- something that's never needed on a master clone. So please don't accuse me of doing this to this show because it's on the original copy I have. Whoever got ahold of this tape before me thought they knew what they were doing and in addition to using noise reduction, messed with the dynamics. The result is a show that sounds thinner and tinnier than it should, most notably during the quieter parts. But don't let this dissuade you. The show still sounds dynamite. However, it did need some work:

The original tape ran about 10% too slow. I'm not joking. The songs dripped like molasses. I fixed the speed and also swapped the channels to put Robby's guitar on the right and Ray's organ/bass on the left. Then came the clicks/pops and level changes throughout the show. There were hundreds, and these were painstakingly removed and smoothed over as much as possible. Though it took a lot of time, it's worth it just for "The End" alone which sounds terrific. There was also a loud digital audio anomaly during "The End" that was seamlessly removed. Another major glitch occured at about the 7:40 mark during "When The Music's Over" that totally eliminated one of John's drum fills. Using a sample of John's drums from another portion in the song, I was able to restore the missing drum strike. (Just call me Bruce Botnick, Jr.)

This is the best sounding Doors show you're likely to hear for a long time to come. Only the Hollywood Bowl and Isle Of Wight recordings sound similar. This is The Doors performing the last day of the summer of 1968. Smack in the middle of their prime. Play this one loud, kids. And remember to have a beer for Jim.