The Other Rooms; Newcastle 20th October 2010

Taper : sixteen

Rig : Church Audio CA-14C mics -> Edirol R09 (Mic in) (44100 Hz)

Length : 77.40

01. Je Regrette, Je Regrette
02. Run With The Boys
03. The Man Who Would Be King
04. Carve My Name
05. She's Something
06. Up The Bracket
07. What Have I Done
08. The Magus
09. Deadwood
10. So Long, My Lover
11. Death Fires Burn At Night
12. Death On The Stairs
13. Bang Bang You're Dead
14. Music When The Lights Go Out
15. The Fall
16. 9 Lives
17. Truth Begins
18. Time For Heroes
19. Don't Look Back Into The Sun

I've never been a big fan of Carl, and basically just wanted to attend a gig so I could test out some new Church Audio taping equipment I had just received. I had problems with the battery box so plugged the mics straight into the mic input of the R09, spent about 10 minutes undoing a tangle in the mic leads and got the mics mounted on my jacket collar about 2 minutes before Carl arrived on stage.

The gig was completely sold out several weeks beforehand and there was a lot of his fans in the audience with lots of singing along and chanting.

Not really my kind of music but I enjoyed the show and I was fairly pleased with how the recording turned out especially as it was a test run with the new equipment and the problems that I had just before the start of the show.