The Marquee Club, London, 21st August 1990 [Dream Remaster]

Source Soundboard

Track List:-

01 - Son Of A Gun
02 - Freedom Song
03 - Clean Prophet
04 - Way Out
05 - There She Goes
06 - Doledrum
07 - Come In Come Out
08 - Timeless Melody
09 - I.O.U.
10 - I Can't Sleep
11 - Knock Me Down
12 - Feelin'
13 - Liberty Ship
14 - Callin' All
15 - Failure
16 - Looking Glass
17 - Swashbuckler
18 - Rebound/Minefield [Jam]

Remaster Notes:-

Rob kindly shared this with me, many thanks to him.
Nice soundboard, cleaned it up & remastered it.
Still a far amount of tape hiss present, but much improved soncially.
As always a balance with hiss & dynamics.
Sounds really nice, if the la's are your thing this will not disappoint.

Dream Remastered @ Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, 2019.

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Do NOT sell it on Ebay or Ioffer or any other place.
Buy the records/CD's/Go to shows if there are any.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Failure to comply will result in the karma police visiting.
Want to share this?
That is fine all that I ask is keep these notes with your shares, thank you.

Original Notes:-

Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
SBD #1 ANA 9.5 Yes 61:46 soundboard > unknown ANA(x)