Stockholm Globe Arena; Stockholm 21st September 2015

Taper : Trekytt A.K.A Metalurg

Lineage: AT 943 External Stereo Microphones >> SP-SPSB-10-80020 - Sound Professionals - Micro-mini microphone power supply >> Olympus LS- 10 >> 10m from stage >>
WavePad Editor >> 96 / 24 Bit >> Songsplit >> Tracking >> Wave >>
FLAC Level 8 >> DIME / U2torrents / Zomb /TTD >> You

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 134.00

01. Intro / People Got The Power
02. The Miracle
03. Gloria
04. Vertigo
05. I Will Follow
06. Iris
07. Cedarwood Road
08. Song For Someone
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. Raised By Wolves
11. Until The End Of The World
12. The Fly (Intermission Remix - Gavin Friday)
13. Invisible
14. Even Better Than The Real Thing
15. Mysterious Ways
16. Elevation
17. Sweetest Thing
18. Every Breaking Wave
19. October
20. Bullet The Blue Sky
21. Zooropa
22. Where The Streets Have No Name
23. In The Name Of Love
24. With Or Without You
25. Encore Break
26. City Of Blinding Lights
27. Beautiful Day
28. Bono Speech About The Refugees In The World
29. Mother And Child Reunion
30. One

Audio Sample :
U2 - October - Stockholm 21st September 2015 [Trekytt]


Well, to make a good story even better ("than the real thing...")

Letīs start with the start and finish with the end (at the end...)

Thereīs many twist and turns...From horror-movie to pure paradise...

In December 2014 the tickets for U2:s 4 nights in Stockholm went on-sale. I tried to get 2 tickets for me and my wife, but for the first 2 weeks I had no luck.

Then after 3 weeks or so I finally got 2 pair of tickets, and they were also (in my opinion) excellent seats very close to the main-stage, God bless.

9 months later we are booth working hard everyday and one day before (*) the concert I was checking the setlists for the first 2 nights and read about the "evacuation/breach" and postponal of the concert of the 3rd night, the 20th of September, the day before me and my wife were supposed to hit the road.

Apparently there were first an "official statement" that proclaimed that the "ticketsystem" had collapsed at the entrance of the Globe Arena. Later it was reported (true or not?) that an police-employee had forgotten to take out his weapon used when-in-duty, and after the security realize that (a bit late?) they most likely started to panic and searched trough everyone that had already gotten into the arena, in search of the "fake police".

At 22.30 in the evening the authorities and police informed everyone that the concert would not take place. The new date would be 22nd of September instead, the day after the concert me and my wife had tickets for.

As monday the 21th of September arrived we wondered if something similar would happend again...

Picked up my wife 2 hours before the concert and drove to the big underground-parking-lot underneath the Globe Arena and the new co-stadium "Tele2 Arena".

So far so good, nothing on the radio about another cancelled concert so far. I had brought with me all my recording-gear, including my old trusted companion "Olympus LS-10" and my external AT943 Micīs, together with some old Supersonic Micīs and my R-26, which I took with me for the sake of "multiple sources". Also an late addition arrived 3 days before the concert, the new Sony PCM D100-unit with 192/24-Bit and DSF-sound capability. So my ambition was to record with 3 different sources at the same time.

My wife (love you babe) agreed to put half of the recording-gear in hear bag and I would carry the rest of it.

So conspiracy-wise-theories (I didnīt have to have the brain-cells of Einstein or such to be honest) the security checked each and everyone very carefully, including bags and pockets.

Waiting in-line for a 20 minutes (nothing to complain about) our turn comes. My wife shows her bag and at first she seems to be lucky, but then one of security-staff asks the "Security-supervisor" and as a old-school-taper I am I recognize the dude. No one, no less, than the same Security-dude who has been at many other concerts in Stockholm. Well, the dude is a "pro" and kind of senses what we are up too. Iīm next, and no surprise Iīm also rejected and not granted the permit to enter and continue beyond the entrance-doors.

Well, to be honest they were just doing their job, fair enough. I collected all the recording-stuff while my wife waited for me outside the entrance, and I headed back to the parking-lot with the recording-gear. ("Walk On")

This is the part...when I will leave a part out...just like in a very good thriller-movie...

Fast-Forward...Back to the entrance after 30 minutes walk back and forth. My wife is still waiting for me (bless you baby - For not "Walk, Away, Walk Away, I Will Follow").

This time we are allowed to enter the Globe Arena...and this is the part where you all askīs...Hey wait, Hang on dude...How did you record this concert then...?

There are some alternatives to chose between:

1) Either Iīm a very good magician (or not)
2) Or I have some kind of "Jedi-power" (Probably not either)
3) You guessed right...

...I put the recording-stuff inside my pants and boxer-shorts, yes!

My old recording companionīs (they are recording-gear, not "real friends" mind you) with which Iīve made some really nice recordings with in the past had miracoulisly made it in together with me and my wife.

Olympus LS-10, AT 943 External Micīs and a battery-box, check, there will be a nice recording after all.

Thank you God, blessings to you, and forgive me for being so stubborn. My wife realized that I was up to something when I gave her the "thumbs-up-sign".

"What is it babe?", she asked me.

"He-he, well I managed to get the recording-stuff in anyway babe..." and then I told her how.

"High-five" like Borat would have said.

After a quick snack and pepsi-cola for my wife as a thank you for being so patient with me (not only this day, but for 9 incredible years - Love you baby - Light my way) we headed towards our seats. The seats (Thank you Lord) were even greater than I thought. Great recording-position close to stage and also with alot of PA-stacks hanging in the right direction for me to record.

Thereīs also one important side-note for you...but an ultimate highlight for me...In 2005 just 3 days before the U2-concert in Gothenburg on Ullevi-stadium I first talked to my lovely Wife for the first time...Not on Skype or Viber as the kids are doing these days...but on the old-school "ICQ"-messenger he-he...I called her quickly during "With or without you" back in 2005 when she was at her grandmothers place on the countryside in Ukraine.

Also before this concert we got an telephone-call from my mother-in-laws husband who has been very sick in cancer for a great while. Great and unespected to hear from our pastor, blessings and hope our everyday-prayers for you has made some impact. God works in mysterious ways, and so does U2.

Everytime Iīve seen U2 there has been some "real magic in the air"...the prescence of God has always been there and Iīve always left every U2-concert wondering how come that they are so good live...?

The concert were perfect...Even my wife thought it was better than what she thought it would be. This time I had her in my arms for "With or without you", I will not ask for more in my life now ;-)

Well, all in all, an really nice evening together with U2 and my wife (love you babe)

And U2-friends...The recording turned out really nice too...Hope youīll enjoy and turn it up loud.

Thank you God and blessings to all the refugees in the world and much love and respect to my mother-in-law and her husband, keep on fighting!

Over and out. Peace.