Arrowhead Pond; Anaheim 21st November 2000

Taper : BouldernBun AKA Highdesert

Sound Quaity : Audience

Rig : Sony ECM 959A > Sony PCM M1 > Dat tape > Tascam DA40 > WAV > FLAC > YOU

Length : 74.45

01. Intro / I'm Back
02. Kill You
03. Under The Infuence
04. Shit On you
05. Intro/Fuck Y'all?
06. Stan (W/Dido)
07. Intro/Role Model
08. Intro/Marshall Mathers
09. Criminal
10. Slim Shady Show (cartoon)
11. Brain Damage - Just Don't Give A Fuck
12. Bitch Please II
13. Cum On Everybody
14. The Way I Am

Notes :
My newphews very 1st live show. Not really my cuppa tea but I was delighted to take Bill and we had a great time.
I was shocked we were able to get my rig in. Security was pretty tight. A screamer was right in front of us but
she kept her mouth shut MOST of the night. Thanks to Gary for his help with the setlist, though I'm not sure either one of us got it 100% correct.
Never circulated before (to my knowledge) and if you are into Eminem, well worth downloading in my humble opinion. Enjoy!