War On Drugs
February 22, 2022 (Monday, President's Day)
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, Washington

Source: Dual AT853 > Tascam DR-40X (24/48) wav.
Transfer: TDR-40X > MacBook > Tracked with Logic Pro > FLAC via XLD.

Location: GA stage right 25 feet back.

Recorded by Nokeeo.

01. Old Skin
02. Pain
03. Ocean Before the Waves
04. I Don't Want to Wait
05. Tech Difficulties
06. Victim
07. Break
08. Strangest Thing
09. Harmonia's Dream
10. Break
11. Red Eyes
12. Living Proof
13. Born in Time (Bob Dylan cover)
14. Break
15. Brothers
16. Come to the City
17. Break
18. Rings Around My Father's Eyes
19. Break
20. I Don't Live Here Anymore
21. Break
22. Lost In A Dream
23. Under the Pressure
24. Thing of a Place
25. Break
26. Occasional Rain
27. Encore Break
28. Eyes to the Wind

Length: 02:29:19

Nearing the end of the winter leg of their tour, The War on Drugs stopped in Seattle for a two night stint at the Paramount Theatre. This is a recording from the first night. Due to COVID-19, proof of vaccination and face covering were required. Doors were at 18:30. The band took the stage at 20:15. There was no opener just two and a half hours of uninterrupted live drugs.

Throughout the evening Adam Granduciel took the audience on a meandering tour through their discography while sipping from a mug of tea that resembled the one from the album artwork "I Don't Live Here Anymore". At times even he didn't know where we were going next.

The tour was in support of their new album "I Don't Live Here Anymore". A bulk of the setlist was from the new album, but they dipped into their early material at time such as "Brothers" from "Slave Ambient".

During the show Adam took moments to share stories or give shoutout to friends and family in attendance. Local legend Cheryl Waters of KEXP was in attendance. Adam also reminisced about one of their first shows in Seattle at the Tractor Tavern.

If you are to listen to one track off this tape, listen to "Under the Pressure". The song starts with an airy solo from Adam. The extend bridge builds a tension that is finally released whipping the crowd into a fevered frenzy.

When the show finally ended, the audience was released onto Pine St to find a rare Seattle snow fall, resembling the album cover of "I Don't Live Here Anymore". A fantastic end to the evening.

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