Bridgewater Hall; Manchester 23rd June 2011

Rig : External Mics -> Roland R-09HR

Length : 113.52

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. Blue Hotel
03. If I Am A Stranger
04. Save Me
05. Carolina Rain
06. Everybody Knows
07. Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st) #
08. Let It Ride
09. Desire
10. Dirty Rain
11. Two
12. To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
13. This House Is Not For Sale
14. New York New York #
15. Firecracker
16. AMY
17. English Girls Approximately
18. Why Do They Leave?

* Tracks marked # are the ones Ryan played on piano
* The dynamics are a bit off on this one-loud clapping compared to a relatively quiet performance capture-still a good recording though.
* Tracks 11-13 are significantly louder than the rest-you've been warned!
* First ever live performance of 'Save Me'.
* 'Dirty Rain' is a new song.
* There's a lot of between song banter/guitar tuning which I have left at the end of the preceding track.

Sample :
Ryan Adams - Firecracker - Manchester 23rd June 2011