The Point Depot; Dublin 24th March 2003

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 43.11

01. Sk8er Boi
02. Nobody's Fool
03. Mobile
04. Anything But Ordinary
05. Losing Grip
06. Basket Case
07. My World
08. I'm With You
09. Complicated
10. Unwanted
11. Tomorrow (Acoustic)

PS FYI Av is pretty broken up on the last number. Her grief had been bottled up all night, but came out in the end...

Before the last song "Tomorrow," Avril announced to the crowd that she was dedicating the night's performance to her grandpa, who had just passed away that very day.
Through tears Avril performs the tune bravely and brilliantly.
At the end the band come to her side and support, and they walk her off stage.

In a later interview for ABC-Family, Avril revealed that she had received the news only a couple of hours before the show.
She said that she had never really known anyone that had died before, never mind someone close to her.
As reason why she had gone on with the show, she said it was an important gig and that he, her grandpa would have wanted her to go on.