"The Awesome Foursome Live At The Forum"
The Forum; Los Angeles 24th March 1975

Lineage : 3CDS -> EAC -> Wav -> Flac Frontend -> Flac -> TLH -> You

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 183:00


101. Introduction
102. Rock And Roll
103. Sick Again
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. In My Time Of Dying
106. The Song Remains The Same
107. The Rain Song
108. Kashmir


201. No Quarter
202. Trampled Underfoot
203. Moby Dick


301. Dazed And Confused
302. Stairway To Heaven
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. Black Dog
305. Heartbreaker

Notes :
It was 1975 when Zeppelin arguably attained the greatest height of popularity. Physical Graffiti had been out for a month by the time they completed their US tour with three sold out shows at the Forum in Los Angeles. The new album reached number one on the chart, but also their entire catalogue up to that point also entered the charts again (Led Zeppelin IV at #83; Houses of the Holy at #92; Led Zeppelin II at #104; Led Zeppelin at #116; and Led Zeppelin III at #124), a feat never before accomplished in pop history. It was also this time where they gained a certain amount of respect from the music press, something which they craved and didn’t always receive with long, glowing articles in Rolling Stone and New Musical Express. By the time Zeppelin entered the final week of the tour, their health problems were less of a problem and they played some of their longest, darkest, strangest and most wired concerts of their entire career. The marathons in the set, “No Quarter,” “Moby Dick” and “Dazed And Confused” all routinely reached a half hour. Thankfully all of these shows have been recorded and are commonly available including Michael Millard, one of the most accomplished tapers in the seventies, capturing all of the LA area concerts. Deep Throat on Empress Valley is the second attempt to present a boxset of all three shows together. Tarantura made the first set called Get Back To L.A. in the mid-nineties. It is packaged in a gorgeous accordion still package and at the time was definitive. But since better generations of these tapes have surfaced.

The Millard tape for the first Los Angeles show is nearly excellent but slightly hissy and lacking in depth compared ot the other tapes. Millard tape used on Crazed And Bemused (Black Cat Records BC-22), Get Back To LA (Tarantura T9CD-1-7) and The Firecrackers Show (The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin TDOLZ003/004/005). Dazed And Confused (Mad Dog MDR-LZ001~2) contains “Stairway To Heaven,” ” Whole Lotta Love,” “Black Dog” and “Heartbreaker” from this tape as does A Gram Is A Gram Is A Gram (Image Quality IQ-80/081/082). An alternate tape is used for the introduction and the first minute of “Rock And Roll,” for thirt seconds after “The Rain Song,” 6:47 to 7:47 in “Trampled Underfoot,” and for a minute after “Dazed And Confused.” The show begins with J.J. Jackson making the introduction before “Rock And Roll” and after “Sick Again,” Plant tells the audience that “we’ve been in California a little while, but let me tell you, this is the place….these are the last three gigs on our American tour and so we intend them to be somewhat of a very high point for us and that can’t be really achieved, obviously we really don’t achieve that without a little bit of vibe, which I can already feel, and a few smiles.” Plant continues to sprinkle the show with his humorous comments like before “In My Time Of Dying” telling the audience that there are “a few developments in the camp and a few camps in the development. Bonzo decided not to have the sex change after-all, and ah, we got a new album out.” The first real high point occurs during the “No Quarter” marathon, the first one in the set. The grand piano and electric guitar improvisation had reached a hight by this time and these versions are among the best executed and recorded. “Dazed And Confused” is “probably about the first thing that we had a go at, apart from the secretary.” It’s obvious Page is trying hard to expand the improvisation as the piece stretches past a half hour, but there are several rough spots and it comes off as rather sloppy, the worst of the three Forum shows. “Stairway To Heaven,” which is “for all our English friends who’ve arrived at the continental Riot House…. and this is for you people here who’ve made this a good gig.” The encores are the longest of the three with a full version of “The Crunge” before they play “Black Dog,” and this is the only one to have the rare second encore “Heartbreaker.”