Key Arena; Seattle 24th April 2005

Lineage : IEM (Edge) DAT master + Bono vocal mic via scanner DAT master + Audience Schoeps CCM4 > Aerco > SBM1 > M1 CD-R of DAT master

Sound Quality : IEM

Length : 127.22

Love And Peace Or Else
Cry > The Electric Co.
An Cat Dubh > Into The Heart
City Of Blinding Lights
Beautiful Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
New Year's Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name
Africa speech
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
All Because Of You

Notes :
Well now. I can't think of another case (though I'm sure there are some) where we have two matrixes of the same show made from completely different sources.

thir13en Productions has an ALD + Audience matrix posted on U2T by drewwerd a week or two ago. To be honest, I haven't downloaded that show to compare, in part because of our own version (the thir13en post also lacks samples). I was at the show and ran one of the IEM boxes for this recording, though I could swear we too brought in an ALD box but got nothing from it. Such are the vagaries of receiver compatibility.

Also coincidentally, both sources have Schoeps audience sources, though different rigs and different tapers. Trust me on that: JEMS ran two of the components ourselves joined by one of our longtime friends and allies on the audie rig which was done from side, right at the front of the stage where a speaker was well positioned.

This is also the first time we had an isolated vocal to work with in a mix, so J spent a lot of time trying to get the balance of sources right. I think he did an amazing job. He also did a meticulous removal of dropouts and noise to minimize any unpleasantness. You might hear occasional ducking but that to me is much better than bursts of static.

We have some other IEM sources to work from the tour (including the second night in Seattle) but the amount of time it takes to do these right has impacted our output. That being said, I think you'll enjoy this. Samples provided.

Butterking for JEMS