"Blow The Dam"
The Paradiso; Amsterdam 24th April 1995

Source: https://www.discogs.com/es/Stone-Roses-Blow-The-Dam/release/1251111
Lineage: unknown audience recording

Length : 78.50

01. I Wanna Be Adored
02. She Bangs The Drums
03. Waterfall
04. Ten Storey Love Song
05. Daybreak
06. Breaking Into Heaven
07. Your Star Will Shine
08. Elizabeth My Dear
09. Love Spreads
10. Good Times
11. I Am The Resurrection
12. Begging You
13. Made Of Stone
14. Driving South


-bootleg release,
- VG+ quality
-retracked and split with Audacity, original bootleg was a mess in this sense...
'Daybreak' segues into 'Breaking into Heaven', difficult to say where the second one begins but I looked at the bass line and I think the division is correct
not sure when the encore break happened either... I suppose it was after 'I Am the Resurrection' (?)
-maybe I'm weird but I think 'Second Coming' is their best LP and tour by far, please share more recordings of this tour if you can!