London Stadium; London 25th May 2018

Sources : [XAVEL] IEM - AUD matrix (Alysha audience recording)

1) XAVEL-Silver Masterpiece Series-163
[Multiple Stereo IEM Sources Matrix Recording] >>
2) Audience recording by Alysha (uncirculated)^

LINEAGE source 1: [silver cds] > XLD > FLAC > fre:ac >
.wav (16/44.1) > iZotope RX 05 ("De-hum" & "De-Click") > .wav
Lineage source 2: .wav (24/44.1) > iZotope RX 05 ("De-Click,"
"Spectral Repair" & "Dither") > .wav (16/44.1) >>

Sound Quality : AUD-IEM Matrix - Sample Below

Length : 118.24

01. [intro]
02. Jumping Jack Flash
03. Let's Spend The Night Together
04. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
05. Tumbling Dice
06. Just Your Fool
07. Dead Flowers
08. Wild Horses (feat. Florence Welch)
09. You Can't Always Get What You Want
10. Paint It Black
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. [band introductions]
13. The Worst
14. Happy
15. Sympathy For The Devil
16. Miss You
17. Midnight Rambler
18. Start Me Up
19. Brown Sugar
[encore fades]
20. Gimme Shelter
21. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Audio Sample :
The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses (feat. Florence Welch) - London 25th May 2018 [IEM AUD]

#mixing & mastering NOTES:

Full rig audience recording was kindly offered by Alysha and just perfect for the matrix. Somewhat distant, but no intrusive screams and/or chat! Only gave it a de-click (aka "de-clap") treatment in the RX 05. Then mixed in mostly bass and ambient (audience) noise.

For the XAVEL IEM I applied a so-called "New York compression" in order to better balance the vocals with the guitars - and all the rest basically. Overall a pretty smooth ride, although it took me a few mixdowns to come up with a satisfactory result. Main challenge was Keith's set, as the master's vocals were really low in the XAVEL boot to start with. So I gave that set a slightly different mix. It's not perfect, but I guess it never really was - no offense to Keith, it's the XAVEL I'm referring to.

Alysha's recording starts somewhere halfway JJF. I've tried to patch it with the Bol&StrettonBull source, but I didn't manage to get it much better then the plain mixed XAVEL IEM's, so I just faded Alysha's source slowly in (one might hear the sound becomes more "thick" - or "full" if you like).

I wish I came up with a better title than "Too For Dartford" (pun intended), but I guess I don't have the balls for "That Double Shit Dub..." which is actually the better title when you think about it... Ah well, you can't always... (and all that!)

MANY, MANY THANKS to Alysha for recording & suggesting to use his pull, and to Andrea82 for liberating the XAVEL boots! + Huge thanks to Sharebear/Hoserama for his ongoing encouragement and advice! & Special thanks to IORR for inspiration to do this 2nd London show as well!

PICTURE credits: Bjørnulf Vik & Hauke Jürgensen (@iorr) ARTWORK: rubycatgirl

- full res art can be downloaded from: https://mega.nz/#!A4kBzArD!or00MxIcFgDs6zSL1va0rmY6N2FkvG5QctdM2TtZIlQ

LGJ/Joyce - Aug 2018 (mix4b)

NB: This "4b" version differs slightly from the "4a" version shared on iorr.org ("4b" has additional "Spectral Repair" in the CD2 part of this matrix (t15-t21)).