Peter Doherty
Stereolux (Salle Maxi); Nantes
25th November 2016

Taper : PLG
Audience Master Zoom H2n (16/44) + Sony ECM 719
PC USB < Nero 4 WavEditor (Vol Boost / Trackmarks) < TLH (Flac 8)

01-I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone)
02-Last of The English Roses
03-Kolly Kibber
04-You're My Waterloo
05-The Steam
06-The Whole World Is Our Playground
07-Weed Smoker's Dream
08-Oily Boker
09-Down For The Outing
10-Hell To Pay At The Gates of Heaven
11-The Travelling Tinker
13-Ride Into The Sun
14-Punk Buck Bona Fide (et in Americana ego)
15-Death On The Stairs / Black Boy Lane
16-Fuck Forever / Encore
17-Flags of The Old Regime