Amy Winehouse
Hove Festival

Just Friends
Tears Dry On Their Own
He Can Hold On Her
Back To Black
Wake Up Alone
Love Is A Losing Game
Hey Little Rich Girl
Monkey Man
You Know IĞm No Good
Me And Mr. Jones

CDR (preFM) - xACT

It seemed only right to upload this here as the only Amy shows on Zomb right now are the dvds from 6.22. 07.
They're both pretty weak performances indeed. For those wondering what all the fuss is about, check this show out.
Perfect sound and probably the tightest concert from both Amy and her band that I've heard, of over a dozen from last year.
She doesn't seem f'ed up at all and is never bitchy to the band, unlike many of her shows, such as 6.22.
There's some truly great music here!
My other favorite Amy set is the dvd of Belfort, 6.29.
It's rather looser (Amy is drinking onstage and calling for more through the PA the whole set but still has it together) than this show.
The Cupid and Valerie are maybe finer than here. All told, though, this is the one Amy recording I'd take to a desert island...along with Amy's pharmacist.
Of course. Speakig of which, Amy was busted the next day in Norway for pot. Oooo, what a criminal!
That's the healthiest thing she had in her body last year...
Please share with all the Amy fans you may know, and those on the fence.
It's a killer in every way