The National Stadium; Dublin 27th April 1991

Sound Quality : B

Length : 65.30

01. Intro
02. Interesting Drug
03. Mute Witness
04. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
05. November Spawned A Monster
06. Will Never Marry
07. Sing Your Life
08. Asian Rut
09. Pregnant For The Last Time
10. King Leer
11. That's Entertainment
12. (I'm) The End Of The Family Line
13. Everyday Is Like Sunday
14. Our Frank
15. Disappointed
16. Piccadilly Palare
17. Suedehead
18. Trash
19. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty

This was Morrissey's first real solo concert and his first time on tour in over four years. The 1500 tickets sold out in just 47 minutes! The show was a very wild one and was positively reviewed in the press everywhere. The ambiance made up for the musicians' still imperfect grasp of the songs. The stage got quickly covered with flowers thrown by fans and Morrissey nearly fell at least 4 or 5 times. Alain actually slipped and fell with his guitar in his hand as he came back on stage for the encore. There was a record number of stage invasions. Most songs on the setlist were being played live for the first time ever. Only "Interesting Drug", "Suedehead", "Disappointed" and "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" had been played earlier, in 1988 in Wolverhampton. The remainder of the setlist comprised songs from the new album "Kill Uncle", earlier solo singles, a few b-sides and covers, and two yet-to-be-released numbers, including "Pregnant For The Last Time" which would be put out as a single a few months down the road. The songs from "Kill Uncle" - particularly "Sing Your Life" and "King Leer" - were given a rockabilly arrangement, while older mid-tempo singles such as "November Spawned A Monster", "Everyday Is Like Sunday" or "Piccadilly Palare" were played faster or with more punch. "Cosmic Dancer" was on the setlist but it was dropped at the final minute. The song would get its live introduction two days later in Paris.

Upon entering the stage, Morrissey just stood there for a long time, basking in the roar and screams from the crowd, affecting saintly poses framed in a halo of flashbulbs. There wasn't much security and many fans invaded the stage as early as the first song. The situation degenerated during the second one, "Mute Witness", which prompted Morrissey's first comment: "I'd like to... I'd like to just say from... miserable words... it's a tss-tss-tss-tss-tss... it's very nice to be here, and it's really touching but if you don't come on the stage then we can play better..." This had only a very brief effect on the audience's enthusiasm as the fans kept on singing along with their idol and trying to reach him. During the bridge in "November Spawned A Monster" Morrissey curled up by the drum-riser and a burly skinhead dived onstage and whispered something in his ear.

Following "Sing Your Life" Morrissey pretended to conduct the crowd as they started chanting his name to the tune of "Here We Go!". He introduced the yet-to-be-released "Pregnant For The Last Time" with the line "Just in case anybody's bootlegging, this is a new song, for your benefit, the bootleggers, it's called 'Pregnant For The Last Time'." The song was still a work-in-progress and would go through many lyric changes as the tour progressed. On this debut performance Morrissey reversed the lines "If ever we had the chance to" and "If ever we had the nerve to", and instead of the "Tiny stripe socks..." and "Pokes and prods..." lines from the definitive studio version, he repeated the "Corned beef legs..." and "People's Friend..." lines.

Morrissey changed a few words in "King Leer" to "more than just a poor hint of cruelty". B-side "That's Entertainment" was preceded with the brief introduction "This is a cover version." During "Our Frank" Morrissey was knocked to the ground by an excited fan and there was an audible thud. This prompted him to deliver, after righting himself, a very appropriate "give it a rest, won't yer?" that drew a huge cheer. He introduced "Piccadilly Palare" by saying "This song was an absolutely huge hit... but not for me..." He preceded "Suedehead" by sying something everyone in the place certainly already knew: "This song, this was my, my very first hit single." After the song he thanked the audience and everyone left for a break.

The fans obviously wanted more and the band was called back to a stage slick with perspiration and crushed petals. The first encore, "Trash", was a cover from Morrissey's beloved New York Dolls. It was being played for the first time ever and would never be recorded for release otherwise than in live form on the "Live In Dallas" concert video. It was strugglingly introduced with the line "I'd like to... just say... quiet... a few more words... if I'm allowed... thank you... We'd like to... sh-sh-sh-sh-shut-up! We'd like to make a dedication... we'd like to dedicate this song to... Mr Johnny Thunders who died on Tuesday in New Orleans, and this is for him..." Thunders was a member of the New York Dolls.

Before the second encore, to someone who shouted "I love you Steven!", Morrissey replied "thank you, but I don't know who Steven is..." Next up was "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty" which, like "Pregnant For The Last Time", would only be released later in the year. After covers of the Jam ("That's Entertainment") and the New York Dolls ("Trash"), a cover of T-Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" was also planned. It was scheduled as one of the encores but wasn't played. Morrissey would debut it on the next date, two days later in Paris.