3Arena; Dublin 27th June 2018

Taper : Kagee

Rig : CA14(Cards) > CA9200 > Roland R05 > Adobde Audition(levels Etc) > cdwave > tlh > you

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 128.33

Set 1
01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. One Of These Days
04. Time
05. Breathe (Reprise)
06. The Great Gig In The Sky
07. Welcome To The Machine
08. Deja Vu
09. The Last Refugee
10. Picture That
11. Wish You Were Here
12. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
13. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Set 2
15. Dogs
16. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
17. Money
18. Us And Them
19. Smell The Rose
20. Brain Damage
21. Eclipse
22. Roger Talking/Band Intros
23. Danny Boy
24. Comfortably Numb

Audio Sample :
Roger Waters - Comfortably Numb - Dublin 27th June 2018 [Kagee]

Taper Notes :
There's not much I can say about this show that hasn't been said about all the other shows on the tour. It was just outstanding from start to finish.

The band are superb, Roger is an amazing performer and the music is fantastic. Along with the visuals and effects it makes for a wonderful show.

The only change to the setlist was Danny Boy subbed in for Mother.

I taped this one from Block D which was dead centre and I'm really happy with how it turned out. People around me were quiet and there, like me, to enjoy the show.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after Dogs.

Remember to support Roger Waters - go to his shows, buy his records and his merch.

Enjoy the show!