NME/Radio 1 Stage; Reading 27th August 2005

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Rig : ECM719 -> MZ-R90 (AVLS off) -> CoolEdit (no alteration to signal)

Length :

01. 3 5 2 Days
02. Stix & Stones (Feat. The General)
03. Pipe Down
04. The Man Who Came To Stay
05. Black Boy Lane
06. 8 Dead Boys
07. Loyalty Song
08. Albion
09. Killamangiro
10. Do You Know Me?
11. Work In Progress
12. My Darling Clementine
13. A Rebours
14. In Love With A Feeling
15. Fuck Forever
16. Wolfman (Feat. Wolfman)

Audio Sample :
Babyshambles - Do You Know Me - Reading 27th August 2005 [AUD]

Taper Notes :
"Do you know what? Bernard Butler blanked me backstage. Can you believe it!?" - Pete Doherty, Reading 05.

Recorded from left of centre, 20 ft from stage. Vocals are quiet and crowd is rowdy.
Drums/cymbals are dominant, bass and guitars are there. A good representation of the feel and sound of the show, but not hi-fi by any means, though the sound does improve after the first couple of tracks.

Performance is thoroughly unpolished, and superb for it. Like him, loathe him or couldn't give a toss, this uncontrived, fucked-up young poet is a definite presence and is seemingly ADORED by his fans. Good luck to him, I say, and hopefully he'll be able to combine feeding his habit with producing fresh and honest work a la Bowie, Lennon, Richards & Townsend. But what do I know? :)<

The drummer made a fucking good job of destroying his kit at the end too :) Half of it ended up in the crowd.