The Button Factory; Dublin 28th October 2011

Taper : kagee1

Rig : CA14s(cards) -> CA9200 -> Edirol R09HR -> Adobe Audtion -> cdwave ->tlh(flac 8)

Length : 95.52

01. Intro
02. It Says Here
03. To have and have not
04. Banter - Touring Ireland
05. Greetings to the New Brunette
06. Banter - Football & the new motorway
07. Last Flight to Abu Dhabi
08. Banter - Woody Guthrie
09. I ain't got no home in this world anymore
10. Banter - Occupy Cork & the bastard Cromwell
11. The World Turned Upside Down
12. Banter - Marching down O'Connell Street
13. NPWA
14. Banter - Judas
15. Sexuality
16. Banter - A long time at this job
17. Tomorrow's gonna be a better day
18. Banter - Hacking Scandal
19. Never Buy The Sun
20. Banter - Short Ad Break
21. Must I paint you a picture
22. Banter - Bunch of softies
23. The Saturday Boy
24. Banter - decisions have ramifications
25. Milkman of Human Kindness
26. Levi Stubbs Tears
27. Banter - Cynicism
28. I Keep Faith
29. There is ower in a union
30. Encore Break
31. Tank Park Salute
32. A New England/Billy Bragg Jeans with Paddy Nash

The 2nd of 2 shows I saw on Billy's Irish tour. I enjoyed this one more than the Drogheda show - it felt more like a Billy Bragg show with singalongs etc.

Not much change in the setlist compared to the Drogheda show - Billy opens with It says here, only one Woody song and we get World Turned Upside down here as Billy didn't want to perform it in Drogheda given the town's history with Cromwell - he felt inspired to perform it after meeting up with the Occupy Cork people.

I am pretty pleased with how this turned out - plenty of singalong's from the crowd but you don't have to listen to my dulcet tones this time.

I've included some pictures taken by my friend Levo but not the one of me meeting Billy after the show - he signed my poster from the Drogheda show.