The Apollo Theater; New York 28th October 1979

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Lineage : SBD > ? > CDRx > EAC > FLAC

Length : 59.27

[1] Positive Vibration
[2] Wake Up & Live
[3] The Heathen
[4] One Drop
[5] I Shot The Sheriff
[6] Runnin Away
[7] Crazy Baldhead
[8] Zimbabwe
[9] War
10] No More Trouble
11] Exodus
12] No Woman No Cry
13] Jammin


Bob Marley & The Wailers closing night at the Apollo, an amazing run of seven shows in four days. The whole night accompanied by a fantastic horn section, the band performs a unique show that's one of their best. Several tremendous moments await. Undoubtedly, the Carly bassline and the fine horns, the rhythms will take you on good travels.


Some hiss and buzz, probably from a cassette generation. There's also a bit of distortion due to the analog generational losses. 11 hits on Etree, 10 on Phishook, none lossless, only cd-da. This is a secure EAC extraction with logs included. The source is indefinite, but is free of lossy compression or noise reduction. The buzz/hiss could potentially be remastered to a much lower volume, as there are two extended periods of only noise between songs, nearly 10s without applause. Okay. Feel Bob's spirit. Lord I thank you.