Talking Heads
The Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles, Nevada
29 September 1979

Re-worked soundboard recording.

01 Intro
02 Artists Only
03 Stay hungry
04 Cities
05 Paper
06 Mind
07 Heaven
08 Electric Guitar
09 Air
10 New Feeling
11 Building On Fire
12 Found A Job
13 Psycho Killer
14 Life during Wartime
15 Take Me To The River

The original seeder noted David Byrne "sings like never before"'s true about the vocals...David is in C-R-A-Z-Y form this night! :)

The re-work here will seen by some as a dilution : I am aware that ultimately any attempt to improve a recording without working from mastertapes is.

However there's a much better feel of ambience, in my opinion, on this version. I feel the positives outweigh any negatives and for me, in headphones this is now a more enjoyable listen.

The original recording was very left channel biased...I've done my best to deal with that, while widening the sound image too (listen in headphones and you will hear what I mean). If you are not sure about this just download a track, just like I do with many a torrent I'm not 100% sure about.

It should be noted only the start of Love Goes to Building on Fire is present, the ending of Found A Job and the start of Psycho Killer are missing. Also the latter tracks are lesser quality.

It is however a great show, excellent quality overall, and a showcase for the extraordinary vocal talents (with emphasis on extraordinary) vocal talents of Mr Byrne.