The Olympia Theatre; Dublin 30th January 2016

Taper : Kagee1

Lineage : CA11s(cards) > CA9200 > R09HR > Wavepad(levels etc) > cdwav > tlh > FLAC

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 92.11

01. Rebel Rebel
02. Get Into It
03. Hometown Girls 04. Cruel Brunette
05. I Don't Wanna Know
06. Three Streets & A Village Green
07. Bitch
08. 84
09. Now She's Gone
10. A Good Night's Sleep & A Cab Fare Home
11. Soul Finger
12. Angel Eyes
13. Best Man
14. Do You Like Good Music
15. Queen Of The Half Crown
16. Mystery Man
17. What A Shame
18. Still Gonna Drive You Home
19. Scumbag City
21. I Need To Be Your Only
22. Blue Collar Jane
23. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher

Audio Sample :
The Strypes - Rebel Rebel - Dublin 30th January 2016 [Kagee1]

Notes :
The 4th time seeing the Strypes for my son & I and they didn't disappoint. His girlfriend was with it this time - her first time seeing them and she thoroughly enjoyed them too.

An excellent set from the band who added a horn section for this show.

The band took full advantage of the horn section using them on their own tunes and giving us some great covers including opening with a tribute to David Bowie with Rebel Rebel, a few soul classics and a Rolling Stones cover.

This one turned out OK - a bit boomy but not too bad. Midway through the show 2 blokes appeared in front of me and proceeded to have a chat. I couldn't move as my son & his GF were beside me. They're not too bad but you will hear them singing along at times.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after Angel Eyes.

Remember to support The Strypes - buy their albums, go to their shows & buy their merch.