The Academy - Dublin 30th March 2010 [MASTER]

Taper : Johnky []

Rig : At831b > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 8.0 > 2CDR > FLAC > Dime

Website :

Length : 88.48

01. Intro
02. Cavorting
03. Acrylic
04. Good Times Are Calling
05. Will It Be This Way Forever?
06. Kings Of The New Road
07. The Opener
08. Bide Your Time
09. Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly
10. Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips
11. Sycophant
12. Please Dont
13. Take Over The World
14. The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home
15. How Come?
16. No You Didnt, No You Dont
17. You Overdid It Doll
18. Not Nineteen Forever [Dedicated To Noel Gallagher]
19. What Took You So Long?

This was a highly enjoyable gig, the crowd were MENTAL. It was the same evening as Manchester united's 1st leg of their Champions league quater final against Bayern Munich, the match was showed in the venue [the band are big United fans] on big screens and then the band took to the stage about 10pm after the match. At this point Liam Fray had definitely had a few pints but was in great form !!

Before "Not Nineteen Forever" he dedicated the song to Noel Gallagher and spoke about the support slot that they did at the Royal Albert Hall the previous thursday as part of Teenage Cancer Trust, there were about 15 of us that were over for that [including myself] so the place went a bit mad !!

Their 2nd album is not grabbing me that much as yet, however CMH&HTF and YODID are unbelieveable tracks and even better live.

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