3Olympia Theatre; Dublin
30th November 2022

Taper : Hindutimes
Remaster : Petrock2000

Lineage: Sound Professional Mics > Zoom H1> PC via card reader > WAV > FLAC > YOU

01. These Are the Days
02. We Have to Move On
03. When It Breaks
04. A Night on the Floor
05. Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House)
06. Totally
07. Love Will Get You There
08. My King Will Be Kind
09. Dublin in Ecstacy
10. In My Sleep
11. It Won't Always Be Like This
12. Cheer Up Baby
13. Encore
14. If You're Gonna Break My Heart
15. My Honest Face

Show notes:

Great lively show, great crowd but unfortuneatly my recording doesnt reflect that.
A recording for purists...was trying out my new mics,will be the last time I use them too!
....still better a bad recording than none at all.