"Florida Sunshine"
Civic Auditorium; Orlando 31st August 1971

Sound Quality : Soundboard Except Where Noted

Length : 132.53


01. Introduction +
02. Immigrant Song *
03. Heartbreaker *
04. Since I've Been Loving You *
05. Dazed And Confused ^
06. Black Dog *
07. Stairway To Heaven *
08. Celebration Day +


01. That's The Way +
02. Going To California +
03. You Really Got Me +
04. What Is And What Should Never Be ^
05. Moby Dick *
06. Whole Lotta Love ( Medley) *
07. Organ Solo *
08. Thank You *
09. Outro *

+ : Audience Recording
* : Soundboard Recording
^ : Combination Of Both The Audience And The Soundboard

Seeing as how I'm only a moderate fan of Led Zeppelin live, I'm pretty reluctant to acquire live shows unless they're nice soundboard sources and/or from their best live period, which, in my opinion, is 71-73. Nevertheless, it's hard to argue that this performance, along with many other performances from the same tour, is outstanding. Zeppelin are completely on their game. Even Plant sounds great, rarely singing out of tune or fumbling with the lyrics as he's so prone to do. The sound quality is excellent for the most part, being a nice mono soundboard, patched where necessary with a fairly good audience recording. The sections of the show that are audience are listed above. I decided to remaster this recording because I knew with a few slight adjustments it good go from being very good to great. Hopefully you feel the same way. I have remastered both the soundboard and the audience sections. No noise reduction/limiting of any kind has been used. The extent of my work is done in careful equalization. The recording now sounds brighter and crisper. Some people will like the original Empress Valley source better as I know my remasters are not for everyone. Please check out the source through the link provided below to see if this version is for you. This is probably my favorite Zeppelin boot as of yet and will get many repeated listens at high volume from my stereo! Enjoy!