Landsdowne Road; Dublin 31st August 1997

Rig : OKM II Rock microphones -> Sony TCD D7 (@ 32khz)

Length : 8.05

01. Gone - instrumental, faded in - (3:25)
02. Mofo - instrumental - (4:40)

Recorded inside the stadium; we were about 50 peopele at the "blue entrances" at Bath Street. The security let us all (all 50 people!) inside the stadium before the doors opened. The crowd was asked to wait near a toilet. Some fans includind went to the toilet. After I left the toilet the microphones and the recorder were ready for a recording and the opening bars of "Gone" started.
This soundcheck is probably a "crew only" soundcheck. I don't think that a member of U2 took part. We didn't have a view on the stage though we were already inside the stadium.