Orpheum Theatre, Boston 7th/8th September 1982

Unknown generation 2xc90 TDK SA tape cassettes > TEAC W-865R - 2 x RCA to mini jack stereo cable - PCI CMI8738/C3DX Sound
Card > HDD .wav files aquisition, minor sound editing, mixing, tracks splitting by Audacity v2.1.3 > flac files encoding
(level=5), fft fingerprints by FLAC Frontend v2.1 > .md5 whole-set signature file by mkwACT v1.0 > you.

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 01:23:30

01. Intro (01:43)
02. Spanish Bombs (03:23)
03. Rock The Casbah (03:31)
04. Guns Of Brixton (05:02)
05. Stay Free (04:18)
06. Police On My Back (03:26)
07. Bankrobber (03:09)
08. Janie Jones (02:22)
09. Career Opportunities (02:04)
10. Train In Vain (04:35)
11. This Is Radio Clash (04:23)
12. Police and Thieves (05:28)
13. The Call Up (04:46)
14. Brand New Cadillac (02:00)
15. Complete Control (03:33)
16. Somebody Got Murdered (03:42)
17. I Fought The Law (02:37)
18. Clampdown (04:31)
19. Audience Noise (Encore Break) (01:49)
20. Armagideon Time (05:04)
21. Safe European Home (03:15)
22. I'm So Bored With The USA (02:59)
23. Garageland (03:16)
24. White Riot (02:22)

Important note:
The songs Know Your Rights, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, The Magnificent Seven, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Straight To Hell, Clash City Rockers have been released on the official "From Here to Eternity" live-compilation and then omitted from the torrent due to tracker's rules.

Since I received these two pieces of history, in a tape trade many years ago, I have had in mind the project to create a single concert containing all the songs played in both dates.
There is already in circulation a boot called "The Boston Tapes" which contains 13 songs.
Then there are the recordings of the two single shows, but I have wanted compile this one too which contains all the songs that were performed in those two consecutive nights, carefully mixed/ merged in chronological order as in a single complete concert, except, due to tracker's rules, the already officially released material.
Both the recordings are sourcing from mixing board then the audio quality is very good. I've also cleaned it as much as possible, managing to get a better quality against that tapes one.
Ok, I hope this will be appreciated and happy listening to all of you!

Here's the links to a couple of great websites dedicated to The Clash:



Joe Strummer: Vocals, Guitar
Mick Jones: Guitar, Vocals
Paul Simonon: Bass
Terry Chimes: Drums