The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes

Sound Quality : A


01. Strawberry Fields Forever
02. The Happy Rishikesh Song
03. Rock Island Line
04. John Henry
05. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)
06. Keep Right on To the End of the Road
07. Goodnight Vienna
08. Tennessee (Takes 1 & 4)
09. God Save Oz
10. With A Little Help From My Friends
11. Power to the People
12. Here We Go Again
13. Mucho Mungo
14. God
15. Life Begins At Forty
16. Woman
17. Girls And Boys
18. Clean-Up Time
19. Beautiful Boy
20. Revolution
21. Child of Nature
22. He Said He Said/She Said She Said
23. I'm the Greatest (Early Demo)
24. Make Love Not War
25. How Do You Sleep?
26. Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy


01. I'm The Greatest
02. The Luck of the Irish
03. Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
04. Starting Over
05. I Promise
06. Sea Ditty/Leaning On A Lamp Post
07. Grow Old With Me
08. Strawberry Fields Forever
09. What's The New Mary Jane?
10. Julia
11. Across the Universe
12. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
13. Help!
14. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
15. We Must Not Forget The General Erection
16. The Wumberlog (or The Magic Dog)
17. Dear John
18. Whatever Happened To
19. Cookin' (In The Kitchen of Love)
20. Peggy Sue
21. Watching The Wheels #1
22. Watching The Wheels #2
23. I'm Losing You
24. Beautiful Boy
25. Clean-Up Time


01. Revolution (Remix)
02. Power To The People (Early Alternate Take)
03. Attica State
04. The Luck Of The Irish
05. John Sinclair (3-5 Free John Sinclair Rally Ann Arbor, Dec 10 '71)
06. I'm A Man (Dakota Tape)
07. 'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman ~ Medley: Beyond The Sea/Blue Moon/Young Love (Dakota Tape)
08. Clean Up Time (Unreleased Mix)
09. Good Morning, Good Morning (Original Demo '67)
10. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Demo)
11. Everyone Had A Hard Year (Demo '68)
12. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Demo '68)
13. Serve Yourself (John's Bob Dylan parodies)
14. Lord, Take This Make-Up Off Me / The News Of The Day (From Reuters) (John's Bob Dylan parodies)
15. Dear Pruence (Demo '68)
16. Jealous Guy (Outtake)
17. God Save Oz
18. Rock And Roll People (Early Outtake)
19. Rock Island Line (Dakota Tape)
20. Real Life (Dakota Tape)
21. My Life (Take 1) (Dakota Tape)
22. My Life (Take 3) (Dakota Tape)
23. Don't Be Crazy (Dakota Tape)
24. The Worst Is Over (Dakota Tape)


01. In The Studio / Starting Over (Vocal Booth) (Dakota tape)
02. Starting Over (Early Outtake)
03. Maggie Mae (Hitfactory) ~
Honey Don't / Don't be Cruel / Matchbox (Recorded During Making of Plastic Ono Band LP)
04. Dear Prudence (Demo)
05. Cold Turkey (Demo)
06. Here We Go Again (Take 2) (Demo)
07. Woman (Demo)
08. The Neville Club
09. Rock And Roll People (Unreleased work version with Phil Spector)
10. Not Fade Away (Jam with Elephant's Memory Band)
Sweet Little Sixteen (Unreleased Work Version With Phil Spector)
11. You Can't Catch Me (Unreleased Work Version With Phil Spector)
12. Mirror, Mirror (Take 1) (Unreleased Demo)
~ Mirror, Mirror (Take 5) (Unreleased Demo)
13. Mind Games (Alternate Take)
14. Cold Turkey (From Acetate)
15. One Of The Boys (Dakota Tape)
16. Tight A$ (Original Demo)
17. Studio Banter ~ Woman (Vocal Booth)
18. Dear Yoko (Demo)
19. I Don't Wanna Face It (Demo)


01. Watching The Wheels (Demo)
02. I'm Stepping Out (Demo)
03. Clean-Up Time (Demo)
04. Woman (Outtake)
05. Roll Over Beethoven
06. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / It'll Be Me / One-To-One Radio Spot Outtakes
07. New York City (4-7 Rehearsal with Elephant's Memory)
08. God Save Oz (Demo)
09. Introduction (John Lennon and Mick Jagger)
10. Dirty Mac Jam
11. Maurice Dupont (Agent Provocateur) (Dakota Demo)
12. That'll Be The Day (Acetate with Quarrymen)
13. Rave On
14. Not Fade Away
15. Maybe Baby
16. Heartbeat
17. Peggy Sue Got Married ~ Peggy Sue (13-17 Acoustic [St. Regis Hotel, NYC '71])
18. Corrina Corrina
19. Serve Youself (M.O.T.H.A.R. demo)
20. The Best Things In Life Are Free
21. Eat The Document
22. A Nice Noise
23. #9 Dream
24. Tomorrow Never Knows (Rough Mix)
25. Strawberry Fields Backwards Talk Test (Simulated backward speak intended for incorporation into SFF but abandoned)
26. Aerial Tour Instrumental-Flying (Early unreleased version of Flying on Magical Mystery Tour)
27. Cry Baby Cry
28. Dear Prudence
29. Sexy Sadie (26 - 28 Demos recorded prior to the White Album)


01. Julia
02. Child of Nature
03. Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
04. I'm So Tired
05. Yer Blues
06. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
07. What's The New Mary Jane..?
08. Revolution (1-8 Demos recorded prior to the White Album)
09. Imagine
10. Crippled Inside
11. It's So Hard (9-11 Imagine LP sessions)
12. A Case Of The Blues
13. Sally And Billy
14. Sally And Billy (Take #3)
15. Send Me Some Loving (Lennon solo with acoustic guitar)
16. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Original Demo)
17. New York City (Original Demo - Que Pasa New York)
18. Only You (John's studio version - later recorded by Ringo)
19. Down In Cuba (Previously Unreleased Song)
20. Surprise Surprise - Sweet Bird Of Paradox (Unedited guitar based demo)
21. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
22. Watching The Wheels (Unedited guitar based demo)
23. I'm Losing You (Early piano backed demo)
24. Borrowed Time (Unedited guitar based demo)
25. Tobias Casuals (Words from the sponser)
26. Happy Birthday John (30th Birthday party)
27. Julia (1968 Demo)


01. Mother (Outake)
02. I Found Out (Longer Alternate Mix)
03. What'd I Say
04. How..? (Outtake)
05. Yellow Submarine
06. Chi-Chi's Cafe
07. Beautiful Boy (Demo)
08. Howling At The Moon (Unreleased)
09. Memories (Unreleased)
10. Stranger's Room (Guitar & Drum Machine Demo)
11. Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Talking
12. Nobody Told Me
13. Beautiful Boy
14. New York City (Demo)
15. Don't Be Cruel (Jammin' with Elephant's Memory)
16. Hound Dog (Jammin' with Elephant's Memory)
17. Send Me Some Lovin' (Jam)
18. I Found Out
19. Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) (Original Demo)
20. John & Yoko's Happy X-Mas Ditty (Home Recording)
21. Tobias Casuals #2
22. Borrowed Time (Aternate Studio Take)
23. God (Early Demo)
24. Serve Yourself (Slow and Bluesy Outtake)
25. Imagine (Studio Outtake)
26. Mucho Mungo (Acoustic Guitar/Electric Piano Version)
27. Mount Elga (Acoustic Guitar/Elecric Piano Version)
28. Gone From This Place (Dakota Recording)
29. Stand By Me (1974 Last Beatles Gig)


01. The Great Wok (1979 New Year's Resolutions)
02. Yer Blues (Rock 'N Roll Circus rehearsal featuring Clapton, Jagger, Richards, Moon)
03. I Found Out (Take #2) (Demo)
04. Oh Yoko (Demos)
05. People Get Ready/How..? (Demo)
06. Pill
07. Out Of The Blue
08. #9 Dream (Demo)
09. Tobias Casuals #3
10. John Henry (Dakota Demo)
11. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy (Dakota Demo) (Piano)
12. Real Love (Take #1) (Dakota Demo) (Piano)
13. Dear Yoko (Rough Take-Unfinished Version)
14. Just Like Starting Over (Longer Fade-Out)
15. The Return of Maurice Dupont
16. Wedding Album Commercial
17. Stay In Bed (Grow Your Hair)
18. Because (Pure Harmonies, No Instruments)
19. Oh Yoko! (Imagine Outtake)
20. Grapefruit Excerpts (Yoko's Book) (Alternate Imagine take appears after book reading)
21. Imagine (Alternate Take)
22. Give Me Some Truth (Tittenhurst Studio Outtake)
23. How (Alternate Take 1971)
24. San Francisco Bay Blues (Acoustic Guitar)
25. Oh My Love (Tittenhurst Studio Outtake)
26. How Do You Sleep, Ya Cunt!? (Anti-McCartney dia tribe)
27. Tobias Casuals Sportswear #4
28. Stand By Me (1974 Last Beatles Gig)


01. I'm Stepping Out (Alternate Version Double Fantasy Sessions - 1st Day)
02. I'm The Greatest (Take #2)
03. Move Over Ms. L. (Early May Pang Demo)
04. Bring On The Lucie (Riff Fragment 1971-1972)
05. Bring On The Lucie (Rough Mix of Nearly Completed Track)
06. No. 9 Dream (Earliest Demo)
07. People
08. Luck Of The Irish (Early Attempt - Unfinished Lyrics)
09. Luck Of The Irish (More Polished Version)
10. Only People (Rough Mix)
11. Rock And Roll People (Alternate Take)
12. Mind Games - Promo (Ringo, giving John help for a radio spot)
13. Forgive Me (Dakota Demo Take #3)
14. Tower Records Spot (KHJ-AM L.A. Guest appearance)
15. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mama, I Don't Want To Die (Imagine Sessions '71, 1st Pass)
16. How Do You Sleep (Rehearsal)
17. Well (Baby Please Don't Go) (Old Olympics B-Side)
18. Move Over Ms. L. (Second Demo)
19. Tobias Casuals #5 (KHJ-AM L.A.)
20. Clean Up Time (Demo Double Fantasy - Dakota Piano Version)
21. Forgive Me (Alternate With Studio Talk)
22. Mother (Electric Guitar Demo, '70, Heavy Tremelo Sound)
23. I'm Stepping Out (Double Tracked Guitar Demo - Overdubbed)
24. Only The Lonely (Overdub Version)
25. Radio Free London/Oz Magazine Message
26. Rip It Up/Ready Teddy (Rough Mix)


01. I'm Crazy (Take One - 2nd Batch)
02. Beautiful Boy (Double Tracked Guitar Demo - Overdubbed)
03. Walls And Bridges - Promo
04. Stranger's Room (Piano Demo for "I'm Losing You")
05. Woman (Double Tracked Guitar demo)
06. I'm Losing You (Rough Mix)
07. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Acoustic Buddy Holly Song)
08. Peggy Sue (Unreleased Rough Mix)
09. Cold Turkey (Acoustic Demo - Take One)
10. Dear Yoko (Acoustic Demo - Take 2 & 3)
11. Bless You (Rehearsal, different from Menlove Ave.)
12. Move Over Ms. L. (Hard Rocking Rough Mix - Take 3)
13. Living On Borrowed Time (Bermuda Demo)
14. Don't Let Me Down (Late '68 Home Demo)
15. Oh My Love (Rough Mix)
16. Jealous Guy (Rough Mix)
17. Surprise, Surprise (Acoustic Demo)
18. Gone From This Place (Take #4)
19. Living On Borrowed Time (1980 - Talk Version)
20. Michael Lindsey Hogg Talks With John Lennon (December 11 '68 - Rock N' Roll Circus)
21. Yer Blues (Mick Jagger & John Lennon)
22. Yer Blues (Almost Instrumental)
23. Don't Let Me Down (Second Home Demo)


01. Just Gotta Give Me Some Rock 'N Roll/Shoeshine (Early Version of Meat City)
02. How Do You Sleep? (Alternate Imagine Take)
03. I Know (Tough Mix, Different Vocals)
04. Power To The People (Ragged take "Raggae Version")
05. Love (Guitar Demo, Heavy Tremolo Effect)
06. Out Of The Blue (Tough Mix, An Early Guide Vocal)
07. Bony Moronie (Rock & Roll album session)
08. Be My Baby (Rock & Roll album session)
09. Power To The People (Alternate take, almost finished)
10. Oh Yoko (Tittenhurst Park home studio outtake)
11. What You Got (Acoustic Demo)
12. Real Love (Take #4, Acoustic Demo)
13. Woman (1980 Double Fantasy sessions)
14. Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Piano Demo For Ringo)
15. Free As A Bird (Piano Demo)
16. Intuition (Composing Demo)
17. Intuition (Tough Mix)
18. Call My Name (Mid 1971 Incomplete Demo)
19. Call My Name (Complete Demo)
20. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
21. One Of The Boys (Demo)
22. L.O.V.E. (Remix)


01. Honey Don't ("Clock" Soundtrack)
02. Glad All Over ("Clock" Soundtrack)
03. Lend Me Your Comb ("Clock" Soundtrack)
04. Duane Eddy Jam (Acoustic Lick Version)
05. No. 9 Dream (Second, more polised demo)
06. 12 Bar Original (Instrumental Rubber Soul outtake, acetate version)
07. Well Well Well (Demo)
08. Well Well Well (Take #4, acetate version)
09. He Got The Blues (Acoustic Lennon Original)
10. Look At Me (During the White Album, acoustic demo)
11. My Mummy's Dead (Take 2)
12. Real Life (Piano demos, take 2)
13. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Acoustic Demo)
14. Cold Turkey (Acoustic Demo, Take 3)
15. I'm Stepping Out (Take One)
16. Watching The Wheels (Electric "Blues" style demo)
17. Run For Your Life (Tantalizing, abbreviated mix)
18. The Maharishi Song (Home recording June '68)
19. Julia (Home Demo Take #2)
20. When A Boy Meets A Girl (Acoustic Demo)
21. God (Early Demo)
22. Look At Me (Alternate Mix)
23. Oh! Yoko (Acoustic Demo)
24. How? (Piano Demo)
25. Imagine (Complete Solo Piano Take)
26. Jam (Imagine Sessions)
27. How Do You Sleep? (Early run-through, John sings an octave lower)
28. Oh My Love (Alternate Mixes)


01. Imagine (Alternate Mixes)
02. J.J. (St. Regis Hotel, 1972, early Angela version)
03. Attica State (Acoustic demo)
04. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Alternate Version)
05. Sweet Little Sixteen (Alternate Take)
06. Bless You (Early rehearsal, rougher than found on "Something Precious And Rare")
07. Many Rivers To Cross (Home Recording)
08. Cookin' In The Kitchen of Love (Demo of a song given to Ringo, "Rotogravure")
09. My Life (Demo for Starting Over)
10. I Watch Your Face (Demo for Starting Over)
11. Serve Yourself (Piano Demo for Starting Over)
12. The Worst Is Over (Home Demo)
13. Watching The Wheels (Blues Demo Version)
14. Beautiful Boy (Extend composing tape; lyrics taking shape)
15. I Don't Want To Face It (Take #1 Acoustic Demo)
16. Medley: Beautiful Boy/Howling At the Moon/Dakota Rap/Across The River
17. Real Love (Take #5 Acoustic Demo, Alternate Take)
18. Beautiful Boy (Take #2 of the "Fritz and Heinz" series)
19. Stepping Out (Alternate Take)


01. Cleanup Time (Rehearsal)
02. Beautiful Boy (Altenate Mix)
03. Watching The Wheels (Alternate Mix)
04. Dear Yoko (Alternate Mix)
05. Cleanup Time (Alternate Mix)
06. You Saved My Soul (Post Double Fantasy Demo)
07. Illusions (Unreleased Track)
08. He Said...He Said (Composing Tape 1966 "She Said, She Said")
09. She Said...She Said (Demo With Finished Lyrics)
10. Yer Blues (Take #1 of Rock N' Roll Circus. Clapton, Richards, Mitchell backing up John)
11. Oh My Love
12. Oh My Love (Early demos with preliminary lyrics refferring to Yoko's miscarriage)
13. Because
14. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
15. Give Peace A Chance #1 (13-15 Canadian bed in recordings; King Edward Hotel, Toronto; May 25th)
16. Give Peace A Chance #2 (June 1st; Montreal)
17. Give Peace A Chance #3 (Later Rehearsal)
18. Give Peace A Chance #4 (Soundtrack of Documentary Film)
19. Give Peace A Chance #5 (A Brief Version of Undetermined Origin)
20. God (Acoustic Demo)
21. My Mummy's Dead (Rough Mix)
22. It's So Hard (June 4th 1971; King Curtis Joins John)
23. Come Together (1972, One-To-One Rehearsal)
24. Honky Tonk Blues (1972, One-To-One Rehearsal)
25. I Know (Take #3 of a series of acoustic demos)
26. Rock 'N Roll People (Rough Mix of Take #7)
27. Only People (Second Alternative Mix)
28. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (June 1974, Acoustic Demo)


01. Steel And Glass (Eight-Track Version/Extended Fade-Out)
02. Beef Jerky (Eight Track Version)
03. You Saved My Soul (Nov. '80 Electric Guitar Demo)
04. Serve Yourself (Early '80 Piano Demo)
05. Memories (Take 1)
06. Real Life (Piano Demo #2, 1977)
07. Watching The Wheels (Piano Version mid 1980)
08. Don't Be Crazy (Piano Version Mid 1980, later became Starting Over)
09. Woman (Bermuda Demo - June 1980)
10. Starting Over (Acoustic Demo)
11. I Don't Want To Face It (Early Guitar Demo - recorded at the Dakota late '77)
12. Nobody Told Me (Double tracked demo, Summer '80)
13. Real Love (Piano Demo)
14. I'm Losing You (Early Studio Version)
15. Beautiful boy (Take 1 from the vocal booth, Hit Factory Aug. '80)
16. Nobody Told Me (Take 1 from the vocal booth)
17. Clean Up Time (Rough Mix of the Backing Track - Take 7)
18. Starting Over (Rough Mix)
19. If I Fell (John's 1963 composing tape)
20. I Sat Belonely
21. Foyle's Speech


01. National Health Cow (Speech held to honer him for his first book "In His Own Write")
/ Strawberry Fields Forever (Home Demo)
02. Get It Together (Peace message from John and Yoko in London '69)
03. Happy X-Mas (Different Mix - Overdubbed Harlem Choir)
04. Power To The People (Early Regae Version)
05. Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog ('72 One-To-One rehearsal sessions with Elephant's Memory)
06. I'm The Greatest (Rough Mix of Ringo's Version Found in the Lennon Archives)
7-9. I Know (Acoustic Demo)
10. Rock And Roll People (Piano Demo)
11. Meat City (Take 1 Electric Guitar Demo)
/ Meat City (Take 2 Electric Guitar Demo)
12. Meat City (Alternate Mix)
13. One Day At A Time (Alternate Mix)
14. Only People (Alternate Mix)
15. Tight A$ (Alternate Mix)
16. You Are Here (Alternate Mix)
17. Going Down On Love (Acoustic Demo, '74)
18. No. 9 Dream (Moniter Mix of an Early Version)
19. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Quadraphonic Eight-Track Mix)
20. Surprise Surprise (Quadraphonic Eight-Track Mix)
21. John On KHJ-AM Los Angeles
22. Do You Wanna Dance (Moniter Mix of Alternate Take)
23. You Can't Catch Me (Alternate Take Rock And Roll Sessions)
24. Free As A Bird (Take #3)


01. Serve Yourself (Another Take of Lennon's Dylan Parody)
02. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain (traditional Amercan folk song)
03. She Run Them 'Round In Circles/Beautiful Boy (Medley of 2 Lennon Originals)
04. Memories/Watching The Wheels (Medley of 2 Lennon Originals)
05. Stranger's Room (Demo XB3 #1, early version of "I'm Losing You")
06. Woman (Acoustic Demo - False Start - Take #4)
/ Woman (Complete Acoustic Demo - Take #9)
07. I'm Stepping Out (Demo - Take #1)
08. I'm Stepping Out (Demo - Take #3)
09. Starting Over (Demo)
10. Dream Lover/Stay
11. Clean Up Time (Vocal Overdubs)
12-18. Beautiful Boy (Vocal Overdubs)
19. Watching The Wheels (Vocal Overdubs)
20. Watching The Wheels
21. Borrowed Time (Rough Mix)
22. I'm Stepping Out (Unreleased Take #8)
23. Woman (Rough Mix)
24. Lennon's Lost Diary Tape


01. It's Not Too Bad (Very Early Versions of Stawberry Fields, Spain 1966)
02. She Can Talk To Me (Early Piano Demo of Hey Bulldog)
03. Cry Baby Cry (Early Piano And Electric Guitar Demo Fragments)
04. Two Virgins Outtake
05. Plastic Ono Band Jam
06. Look at Me (Alternate Vocals)
07. I'm The Greatest (Piano Demo, 1970)
08. How?/Child of Nature/Oh Yoko! (medley-piano demo)
09. Oh Yoko! (Piano Demo)
10. Sally And Billy
11. Come Together (August 1972 One to One Rehearsals)
12. Happy Girl
13. I'll Make You Happy
14. How Do You Sleep (July 1971, session rehearsal)
15. It's So Hard (run-through from the King Curtis sax overdub sessions)
16. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier, I don't Wanna Die (same as track above)
17. Intuition (Take #4 of a series of piano demos)
18. I Know (Take #2 of a series of guitar demos)
19. I Know (Alternate Mix of the Finished Song)
20. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) (Near final mix)
21. Steel and Glass (Dark Piano Version, Featuring Extra Lyrics)
22. Walls And Bridges Rundown (Canadian Radio Station Promo Spot)
23. Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Fall 1977, Take #2 of the piano demos)
24. Memories (Home demo, 1976)


01. Tennessee (Home Demo 1976)
02. Sally And Billy (Home Demo 1976)
03. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's (Polished Song From 1977)
04. The Boat Song (Demo)
05. Pedro The Fisherman (Demo)
06. Many Rivers To Cross, Pt. 2 - My Girl
07. Instrumental 1979
08. I'm Stepping Out (Incomplete Take)
9~10. Dear Yoko (Incomplete Take)
11. Dear Yoko (Rehearsal)
12. Woman (John recording his vocals)
13. Woman (John adding the whispered intro)
14. Clean Up Time (rehearsal followed by the unlisted studio doodle, "Let's Get Peculiar")
15. Nobody Told Me (different take)
16. I Am The Walrus/Watching The Wheels (Brief 'Walrus' parody, followed by rehearsal take)
17. Woman (instrumental - guitar overdub)
18. Woman (alternate take)
19. Living On Borrowed Time (early take)
20. I'm Losing You (alternate take)
21. Imagine
22. How Do You Sleep
23. J.J.
24. Rock Island Line/Maybe Baby/Peggy Sue
25. I'm Ready To Sing For The World


01. Out Of The Blue
02. Old Dirt Road
03. Steel And Glass
04. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
05. Rock 'N Roll Radio Spot
06. Stand By Me
07. Serve Yourself
08. Everybody
09. Everybody/Nobody Told Me
10. Nobody Told Me
11. Falling In Love Again
12. Cathy's Clown
13. You Send Me
14. Real Love
15. My Life
16. My Life
17. Dear Yoko
18. I'm Stepping Out
19. I Don't Wanna Face It
20. Watching The Wheels
21. Beautiful Boy
22. Interview... More Popular Than Jesus
23. Interview... John's Book


01. I'm Stepping Out (breakdowns and complete take)
02. I'm Stepping Out (dinner orders and complete take)
03. I'm Stepping Out (breakdowns and complete take)
04. Borrowed Time (working out arrangement followed by brief run-through)
05. Borrowed Time (aborted take)
06. Borrowed Time (breakdowns with acoustic guitar overdub)
07. Starting Over (offline monitor mix)
08. Starting Over (rough mix of the basic track)
09. John Sinclair (David Frost Show)
10. It's So Hard (Mike Douglas Show)
11. The Luck of The Irish (Mike Douglas Show)
12. Sisters O Sisters (Mike Douglas Show)
13. We're All Water (Dick Cavett Show)
14. Woman Is The Nigger of the World (Dick Cavett Show)


01. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
02. Honey Don't
03. Glad All Over
04. Lend Me Your Comb
05. Wake Up Little Susie
06. Baby I Don't Care
07. Vacation Has Just Begun
08. Heartbeat
09. Peggy Sue Got Married
10. Peggy Sue
11. Maybe Baby
12. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
13. Rave On
14. Tell Me What I Say
15. Yellow Submarine
16. Old Smokey Mountain
17. Goodnight Irene
18. He's Got The Whole World
19. Like A Rolling Stone/Twist And Shout/Louie Louie/La Bamba
20. Bring It On Home To Me
21. Yesterday
22. Dance For The Chicken
23. Power To The People
24. Maybe Baby
25. Peggy Sue
26. My Baby Left Me
27. Blue Suede Shoes
28. Crippled Inside
29. Give Peace A Chance
30. Crippled Inside
31. Uncle Albert
32. Happy Birthday
33. Uncle Albert
34. My Sweet Lord

Sample :
John Lennon - Revoloution - The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes [SBD]