The Smiths
Mixed Locations
"Demos and Instrumentals"
Unreleased Studio Outtakes [stereo version]

Sound Quality : Excellent

Length : 66.07

01. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle [John Porter monitor mix]
02. Reel Around The Fountain [final Troy Tate version]
03. Rusholme Ruffians [Electric version July 84]
04. The Queen Is Dead [unreleased extended version]
05. Sheila Take A Bow [Porter version January 1987]
06. This Night Has Opened My Eyes [studio version June 84]
07. I Misses You [instrumental]
08. Ask [pre-remix version]
09. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [take 1]
10. Is It Really So Strange [June 86 version]
11. Frankly Mr Shankly [Trumpet version november 85]
12. Shoplifters Of The World Unite [instrumental]
13. Girlfriend In A Coma [monitor mix]
14. Death Of A Disco Dancer [monitor mix]
15. Paint A Vulgar Picture [monitor mix March 87]
16. Heavy Track [instrumental]

Long rumored to exist, these demos and instrumental tracks finally popped up on a double LP bootleg in late November or early December 2010. While the first copies to hit the Net were mono, this is a stereo rip from virgin LPs. The original transfer for this recording was done by SC of Soundsville International, and seeded to Smithstorrents. Thanks to S for doing the transfer and to Smithstorrents for being the conduit. This seed has been remastered. When I fired this up in AA I noticed the left channel was out of balance and a majority of the tracks needed some amplification. I also did a slight EQ job. No NR or compression used. I will post a couple of samples.

SC's set was also posted with the How Soon Is Now rare 12'' demo version. Since I cannot ascertain whether this was actually made available at retail I've chosen not to include it, sorry. It wasn't part of the bootleg set anyway.